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New South Wales Women’s Health Framework 2019

This Framework applies across the NSW Health system and across the intersections with the broader health and wellbeing system including private sector organisations, not-for-profit organisations, and other government agencies. It recognises and provides an overarching perspective and principles to combine and apply the wide range of frameworks, strategies, policies, and plans that seek to improve […]

ERA National Plan on Gender Equality – Feminist Foreign Policy and Official Development Assistance

Equality Rights Alliance Women’s Health 2019 Gender inequality persists in every country and shapes opportunities and outcomes for women, men and people of all gender identities. Gender is a crucial factor in shaping the economies, governance and stability of nations around the world (Ban Ki-Moon, 2014), and as such is critical to Australia’s national interests. […]

ERA National Plan on Gender Equality – Education and Training

Equality Rights Alliance Women’s Health 2019 Although Australia was once a leader internationally in gendered education policy, there are no current overarching national policies that focus on gender in education in Australia. Policies have become selective, such as the current focus on STEM, without deeper consideration of longer-term implications. The lack of interest in education […]

Western Australian Women’s Health and Wellbeing Policy

Western Australian Government – Department of Health 2019 The Policy recognises that women’s experiences of health and wellbeing differ to men’s and that health and wellbeing outcomes are shaped by biomedical and genetic factors health behaviours and the health system in which they live. https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/~/media/Files/Corporate/general%20documents/Health%20Networks/Womens%20health%20and%20wellbeing%20policy/WA-Womens-Health-and-Wellbeing-Policy.pdf

Housing Outcomes after domestic and family violence

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute April 2019 This study examined the impact of housing and other support services on safety and wellbeing for families experiencing domestic and family violence. The study also reviewed the legislative framework across Australia, together with interviews with key stakeholders and users. https://www.ahuri.edu.au/research/final-reports/311

The Australian Women and Digital Health Project

Debra Lupton News and Media Research Centre January 2019 A range of digital technologies are available to people to find, share and generate health-related information. Few studies have directed attention specifically to how women are using these technologies from the diverse array available to them.  For women with chronic health conditions and those caring for […]