Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services

Publisher: Productivity Commission, Canberra, 2016

Status – CURRENT

Preliminary findings report.  This preliminary findings report was released on 22 September 2016. You are invited to examine the preliminary findings report and make written submissions by Thursday 27 October 2016.  The study report will be released in November. Areas discussed include health reform, policy, evidence and planning.

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NSW Women’s Health Plan 2009-2011

Publisher: NSW Health 2011


The Women’s Health Plan sets short term objectives to advance women’s health priorities.

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Use and costs of medications and other health care resources: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health

Prepared for the Australian Government Department of Health, 2008

Status – CURRENT

The report makes use of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare data that are linked to survey data and provide details on the women’s health, health behaviours, and social circumstances. Combined, these data provide unique and rich information on health service use by particular sub-groups of women, longitudinal changes and health outcomes.

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