Western Australian Women’s Health and Wellbeing Policy

Western Australian Government – Department of Health 2019

The Policy recognises that women’s experiences of health and wellbeing differ to men’s and that health and wellbeing outcomes are shaped by biomedical and genetic factors health behaviours and the health system in which they live.

Housing Outcomes after domestic and family violence

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute April 2019

This study examined the impact of housing and other support services on safety and wellbeing for families experiencing domestic and family violence. The study also reviewed the legislative framework across Australia, together with interviews with key stakeholders and users.

Health and the Primary Prevention of Violence against Women

Publisher: Australian Women’s Health Network, July 2014

Status – CURRENT

This position paper focuses on the primary prevention of violence perpetrated by men against women. It develops a position on primary prevention (as distinct from secondary and tertiary interventions). It also identifies examples of good practice across settings, and factors for success for primary prevention programs. The paper has been developed as a resource for public education, debate and community activities related to the primary prevention of violence against women.

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Women and Mental Health

Publisher: Australian Women’s Health Network, 2012

Status – CURRENT

This paper provides research and recommendations for the improvement of policy and services for mental health in women. It looks at the determinants of mental ill health in women, meeting the needs of women, service delivery and research and education, and provides recommendations in each of these areas.

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