The Path to Justice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Experience of the Courts

Publisher:  Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity, 2016

Status – CURRENT

This report documents the findings of the consultation process. It is a useful resource for  courts and tribunals seeking to better understand the barriers to accessing justice faced by some of the most vulnerable members of society

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ACE Prevention

Publisher: University of Queensland, Brisbane and Deakin University, Melbourne, 2010

Status – CURRENT

The overall aim of this project was to provide a comprehensive analysis of the comparative cost-effectiveness of preventive intervention options addressing the non-communicable disease burden in Australia, with a specific focus on Indigenous Australians. ACE Prevention is the most comprehensive evaluation of health prevention measures ever conducted world-wide, involving input from 130 top health experts. The research team assessed 123 illness prevention measures to identify those which will prevent the most illness and premature deaths and those that are best value for money.

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The First Decade

Publisher: Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, 2005

Status – CURRENT

In 1996 over 40,000 Australian women were invited  take part in a long term project which would survey  the health of women across the nation, over time.   The participants were selected in three age cohorts:  younger women aged 18-23, mid-age women aged  45-50, and older women aged 70-75. These groups  were deliberately chosen in order to recruit women  before they passed through major turning points in  women’s lives. With eight years of change now tracked in the  surveys, the study is providing insights into major  trends in the lives of Australian women.

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Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health: Annual Report- First Five years

Publisher: Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, 1999

Status – Current

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (now known as the Women’s Health Australia Project (WHA)) commenced in June 1995 as a result of initiatives arising from the National Women’s Health Policy. The project has two components: large scale surveys of three ‘main’ cohorts of women selected by age and smaller studies of indigenous and migrant women. The studies of the main cohorts are conducted by the University of Newcastle and the special cohort studies are conducted by the University of Queensland. This report covers the initial funding period from 1995 to 1999. In future  there will be Annual Reports in this series.

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