Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 : incorporating amendments as at 1 July 2012

Source: Victorian Consolidated Acts, no. 58 of 2008

Status – CURRENT

The Framework identifies health needs particular to women (whether biological or social), promotes delivery of appropriate healthcare and health-promoting services,  and supports monitoring the impact of interventions on groups of women at most risk of poor health. The Framework focuses on issues where the detrimental health impact is disproportionately experienced by women, or where the response is different for women than for men.  The Framework places women at the centre of decision-making for their own health, and acknowledges women’s health is impacted by many factors including housing, rurality, employment and access to services.  As health outcomes are influenced by the cumulative effect over time of social determinants, a life stage approach is used to structure opportunities for enhanced delivery of services and programs.

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